More about miracles

From time to time we read stories of people waking up from death. In January, a prisoner in Spain was declared dead by three doctors and put in a body bag. He woke up on the autopsy table just before the post-mortem examination. This is the nightmare of many people; it happens sometimes. Another nightmare is the story of Constantin Reliu. He left his wife in Romania in 1992 to start a business in Turkey. When he wants to renew his passport the immigration officers told him that he had died in 2003. His wife had received a death certificate since he had disappeared for a long time. Last March, Constantin asked the court to overturn the certificate, but the court refused. The 63-year old man is dead despite all evidence.

Another miracle story is the fall of Victoria Cilliers. She is a highly experienced parachutist. But one day her main parachute did not open, neither did the reserve. She fell 4,000ft (1,200 m). Miraculously, she survived. Several bones were broken but she was not dead. Her husband had tampered with her parachute.

Miracles happen, but what does that tell us?

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