Global Bioethics

IAEE (International Association for Education in Ethics)

Henk ten Have is one of the founders of the International Association for Education in Ethics, established in April 2011. He has been Secretary and Treasurer until 2019. The International Association for Education in Ethics will provide an international platform to: (a) exchange and analyze experiences with the teaching of ethics in various educational settings; (b) promote the development of knowledge and methods of ethics education; (c) function as a global center of contacts for experts in the field, and promote contacts between the members from countries around the world, and (d) enhance and expand the teaching of ethics at national, regional and international levels.

IAEE has legally been established in Pennsylvania. The Secretariat and Treasury of the Association are housed in the Center for Global Health Ethics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, USA. The Association has organized International Conferences in 2012 (Pittsburgh, USA), 2014 (Ankara, Turkey), 2015 (Curitiba, Brazil), 2016 (Logrono, Spain), 2017 (Mangalore, India), and 2018 (Stellenbosch, South Africa), 2019 (Porto, Portugal), 2022 (Padova, Italy) and 2023 (Zagreb, Croatia)

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International Journal of Ethics Education

The official journal of the International Association for Education in Ethics, the International Journal of Ethics Education has started to be published in 2016 with two annual issues. Henk ten Have is Editor-in-Chief.

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

This is the official journal of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH). The ESPMH was established in August 1987 by a group of European scholars, interested in cooperation in the field of philosophy and ethics of medicine and healthcare. Henk ten Have was elected as Executive-Secretary of the new organization. The first annual conference took place in 1987 in Maastricht, the Netherlands with the theme ‘The growth of medical knowledge.’ Henk ten Have, as Executive Secretary, started a bi-annual Newsletter in 1987 that developed into a more expanded Bulletin. Because more and more ESPMH members were interested in publishing, the initiative was taken to create a new and real journal, entitled Medicine Health Care and Philosophy. The journal started in 1998. Henk ten Have was the first Editor-in-Chief until 2003. He again became Editor-in-Chief (with Bert Gordijn) in 2010.

Advancing Global Bioethics

Henk ten Have took the initiative (together with Bert Gordijn) to create a new book series in the field of global bioethics. Advancing Global Bioethics provides a forum for normative analysis of a vast range of important new issues in bioethics from a truly global perspective and with a cross-cultural approach. The series started in 2014 with 3 volumes. Henk ten Have and Bert Gordijn are editors of the series. Currently, 18 volumes in the series have been published.